A senior medical doctor and resident in pediatrics at the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, Dr. Gillian Bogee

A senior medical doctor and resident in pediatrics at the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, Dr Gillian Bogee who recovered from Covid-19, has returned to work.

The head of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital returned to a rousing welcome, with staff and some former patients in attendance.

Dr. Boggee in May this year, shared her near-death experience after contracting the disease – with JoyNews in a documentary titled, ‘A covid recovery journey.’

But after almost two months away from work, Dr Bogee finally reported to work to continue from where she left off before the disease.

She told Prime Morning show on the Joy Prime channel, “it was a delight for me, as the staff and some mothers and friends welcomed me.”

“One of the midwives got me a cake inscribed on it ‘We Beat Covid-19’, I was so happy,” the visibly excited medical doctor told host, Daniel Dadzie.

Another gesture that gladdened her heart – was when some of the mothers and babies she delivered came by to also welcome her.

At her in-law’s home, Dr Gillian Bogee was given mashed yam with three boiled eggs – a local dish symbolising victory.

As she returns to work she hopes to continue her advocacy against stigmatisation of persons who get infected with or recover from Covid-19.

“At the regional health directorate press event to welcome a team of recovered persons, I read the statement on behalf of the group,” she said.

“I took the opportunity to speak to the people about the dangers of stigma and why people who recover from Covid-19 need to be reintegrated into society.”

Dr Bogee showed appreciation to all those who played a role in her recovery journey.

She, however, charged Ghanaians to keep observing the hygiene protocols and adhere to the social distancing and mask-wearing requirements in order to minimize the spread of the disease.