I wish to bring to your kind attention and to the public that the news report with the above headline carried by your esteemed media is full of inaccuracies and complete falsehood.

It is true that my vehicle hit the said victims. I am distraught and devastated by news of the passing of one of them, a couple of hours after my visit to the hospital. I deeply and sincerely empathize with the family and assure I will offer my utmost support in every way I can to do what is benefitting in the circumstances. It is my sincere prayer also that the surviving victim will receive the best care and recover speedily.

It is, however, crucial to note that contrary your account, the accident occurred on a double carriage way rendering me unable to immediately turn back to the accident scene. Thankfully, a U-Turn was only a distance away and so I turned and drove back to the scene. I never intended to, and it would never have crossed my mind to runaway as alleged in the said account of the events.

The records at the regional police MTTD will also bear me out that I personally reported the case immediately and have since availed myself for the associated due legal processes to which I fully commit myself till the case is concluded.

It needs stressing also that the defamatory allegation that I was drunk is completely false and the police officers who attended to me at their offices would testify to that.

Once again, I extend my deepest sympathies to the bereaved family while wishing the surviving victim a speedy recovery.

Hon. Daniel Syme
Deputy Minister
Upper East Region