Fighting corruption has become a very difficult situation. The question is, are people using their leadership powers as cover-ups to milk the economy?

Dr Maurice Ampaw, a renowned lawyer, thinks that, the issue of corruption is not associated with civilians or politicians alone but most of our religious leaders are also victims of corruption.

On JoyNews Current Affairs Program, PM:Express, hosted by Nana Ansah Kwaw, on multitv, the issue of corruption came up.

Dr. Maurice Ampaw, debunked views that civilian rule is more corrupt than military rule, in terms of embezzlement.

There have been perceptions that civilians when in power, use it as an excuse to milk the economy.

But Dr. Ampaw, was quick to say, this is not entirely the case, as corruption cuts across all facets of society.

He said, “Those who are corrupt know how to corrupt the system, they are getting it all out to the extent that even our religious leaders have become victims”.

According to him, some have been very close to government officials to the extent that they are not on talking terms.

“When government comes to power, you see a certain club of religious leaders aligning and others become opposition”, he said.

In his view “everybody wants to be closer to the government of the day”, which he says breeds corruption.

The Presbyterian Church recently issued a communiqué pointing to a rise in bribery and corruption, as well as embezzlement of state funds, describing it as “pervasive and pathetic”

But, Deputy Information and Media Relations, Minister Mutala Mohammed, who acknowledged the problem of corruption within governments over the years, responded that churches were also corrupt and action must be taken to rid them of corruption as well