Some residents of Amanfrom near Kasoa in the Ga South Municipality have been injured in a mass armed robbery incident Saturday dawn.

More than 20 houses were targeted in the operation which lasted from about 1am to 4am, Joy News' Joseph Opoku Gakpo reported.

Areas like Galilee, American Farm and Peace Town were targeted during the operation.

The robbers inflicted machete wounds on some victims and made away with money and other valuables.

Some residents who spoke to Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo after the incident said the robbers moved from house-to-house demanding the release of monies and other valuable items.

Kojo Ashigbey

They said the robbers fired gunshots to scare them forcing them to release their properties.

The victims who refused to submit and cooperate had machete wounds inflicted on them by the robbers.

Robert Benyin was wounded in the head while others had cuts on their hands.

One resident told Joseph that the robbers used cement blocks to hit his doors and fired gun shots through his glass door to enter his room.

Another said three robbers broke into his room and demanded for some money he had gone to cash from the bank for his child’s surgery.

One of the victims Mrs Mary Nyameku said she managed to prevent the robbers from raping her but they lashed her with a machete.

Her mobile phone and money to the tune of 500 cedis were taken away.

Mrs Mary Nyameku narrowly escaped rape.

No cases of death were recorded during the robbery. The Weija police say they are investigating the matter.

They blamed their inability to reach the resident on time to the deplorable state of roads in the area.