An eye specialist from Robert and Sons Optical Services has cautioned Ghanaians to desist from self-medication of the eye and seek medical care.

Speaking at an event to donate over five hundred medicated glasses to persons with eye deficiency in the Ashaiman community, the head of business at Robert and sons, Daniel E.K. Osei said self-treatment of the eye is risky.

“The eye is a very sensitive organ and for starters, I will advise that there should be no self-medication for the eye. Whatever the problem, be it itchy eyes, watery eyes, sensitivity to light and sun, or night vision? You need to seek proper medical attention,” he noted.

Mr. Osei added that persons with any form of eye deficiency should consult an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.

As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility and 31st anniversary, Robert and Sons Optical Services opted to provide free eye screening and medicated glasses to its clients and other persons with eye problems, as well as extend the free service to other parts of the country.

Some beneficiaries who spoke with JoyNews expressed their gratitude to the company for the service.

“I thank this company so much because I realized that what they are doing will open more doors for them; it is free and I am very happy”, Aunty Mansah said.

Another beneficiary, Mr. Kumi, described the screening exercise as a timely intervention.

“It is just timely. Because before I came here, I was finding it difficult to walk because of my vision; it was too bad that I thought I was going blind but with this kind gesture, I know I would be fine,” he noted.

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