Two chapters of the Rotary Club — Osu Oxford Street and East Legon units — have jointly donated equipment to the Urology Unit of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH).

The donation is part of the two units’ combined annual service project to go the extra mile to give a helping hand to deprived communities and individuals.

Items worth $125, 000 were donated along with modern urological equipment to help in the quick delivery of health service to those with urological related illness.

This means male patients suffering from prostrate disorders may undergo surgery easily without any incision to their urethra.

Presenting the medical items to the facility, RP Richard Danquah–Boateng, President of the Accra-Osu Oxford Street indicated that the club will continue to provide support to the unit in a bid to improve the quality of care that can be accessed there subsequently.

“This support will not be a one-day event, but a sustained collaboration will be established to identify other areas of needs to mobilise resources to provide a conducive environment for both the staff and patients who patronise the facility.”

Government cannot do it alone, corporate support key

The club maintained that although the kind of equipment donated were readily available, the donation was aimed at serving humanity.

Rotary donation: Osu, Legon East clubs show love to Korle-Bu Urology Unit

Mr. Danquah-Boateng further believes, government cannot single-handedly provide for the health needs of the country, hence the role of organizations such as the Rotary Club is key.

“Government alone cannot provide our total healthcare, so it behoves on every individual and organization which operates in Ghana to support government in the quest to provide healthcare.”

Dr. Matthew Yamoah Kyei, the Acting Head of the Urology department at the KBTH, who received the equipment on behalf of the unit, expressed profound appreciation, saying the donation will go a long way to aid in the day to day running of the unit.

“This equipment they are giving us is useful to work on the prostrate. When medical treatments are failing us, these are what we use to treat it surgically. The usefulness of this equipment is that you don’t have to cut the person, we can go through the penis and work in an hour or two to remove whatever obstruction that is there. The equipment is expensive so we are very grateful to the Rotary club for coming to our aid.”

About the Rotary Club

Rotary International is the world’s first service club organization with more than 1.2 million members who volunteer their time and talent to take action to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Its members are dedicated to providing community service, which delivers transformation to communities.

The Rotary Clubs of Accra-Osu Oxford Street and Accra-Legon East are both vibrant Rotary Clubs in Ghana who are actively engaged in carrying out service projects in various communities nationwide.




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