I wrote to the Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana on Tuesday, March 24th 2020 indicating my challenges with attending upon the House with the slack nature of precautionary measures the House had put in place.

The Speaker did not take kindly to my letter and has attacked me and refused to acknowledge my presence in the chamber since, whenever I rise. That’s a matter I would deal with soon.

However, since my letter, at least 4 MPs have tested positive for the virus. There has been no fumigation of the Chamber. Some of these infected MPs have even with their infections come into the Chamber and interacted with colleagues.

What at all does the Speaker and Leadership want to see before we become proactive in employing easily available technology to have a virtual Parliament? How can we claim to be engendering a technological leap as a Country whilst the People’s Representative Chamber is averse to adopting technology? What kind of leadership is that?

I may be a lone voice in this crusade but I have not had to wait long for vindication. We can still salvage the situation and save Ghanaian lives if we take action now. I pray we do not wait for the worst before we start to take action.

The Speaker of Parliament has a responsibility in these times and he is failing in discharging same. He can choose to refuse me speaking on the floor because I am critical of his apparent failings but I would continue to speak out as an elected Member of the House. He is NOT an elected Member but an appointed one. He must always bear that in mind.

GOD bless our Homeland Ghana 🇬🇭 and keep us all safe in these moments.