The Board Chairman of the Samuel Amo Tobin Foundation, the CSR wing of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, has challenged widows across the country to be more self-assertive and take control of their lives.

Mary Tobbin Osei said widowhood does not take the life out of widows despite losing a spouse, urging them to earn a living and not resign to their fate.

Over 300 widows are supported with monthly stipends by the Foundation

"You deserve to be happy and positive about life. Sorrow begets sorrow so move on because you have a life to live. Being sorrowful after the death of a spouse takes more from you than it adds to you," she said. 

She told the over 300 widows at the Presbyterian Church at Mallam Atta near Accra New Town last Thursday that it is a misconception that widows get more assistance and largess when they are sorrowful.

“Widowhood does not reduce your status in life, it is just a phase, don’t go begging. Shake yourselves after you have finished mourning for people and organisations like our Foundation to support you,” she stated.

Mrs Tobbin Osei was speaking on the subject ‘The role of extended family, community, church and humanitarian organisations' to mark this year’s UN International Widows Day.

She said the Foundation which provides monthly remittances to over 300 widows and aged people as part of their Secured Livelihood and Economic Empowerment programme will continue to support the weak and vulnerable in society.


Some of the participants

The Samuel Amo Tobin Foundation generally works in the areas of Education, Health, Livelihood and Economic Empowerment and Social Safety.

Focusing on the UN theme for the celebrations, ‘Hope for the Widows’, the Board Chair said, “it is time for society to move away from the poor, dejected and miserable perception of widows.”

“It is important to the Foundation that widows stay positive about life, live healthily and have a livelihood and we will continue to support them in various aspects to live better,” she assured.

Esther Toboh speaking at the event

Also speaking at the event was Esther Toboh, the Nurse Manager at the Entrance University Hospital who underscored the ‘Significance of regular Health checkup.’

She highlighted symptoms of hypertension, diabetes, low blood pressure, stroke and other health-related issues as well as advised against self-medication.

Mrs Toboh spoke about regular exercise as well as eating and living healthy to prevent and manage some conditions like diabetes.  

She advised them to make regular checkup at the hospital part of their monthly schedule especially when they get any feeling of tiredness and sickness.