President Mahama got 5,500 NDC delegates REJECTING him in the Eastern Region alone. They do not believe in his leadership.

They believe he has performed poorly as President and leader of NDC. They do not believe he has what it takes to solve the country's challenges. They believe he will lose the next Presidential elections. They believe he must be changed as leader of NDC and President of Ghana.

This is a profound statement from official card bearing members of the ruling NDC party.

Mind you, this is a region that President Mahama launched the 50/50 (Chemphe) campaign. They claim they will win 50% of total votes in Eastern Region.  They were so fixated with this Utopian desire that they launched that campaign twice. The results from the just ended NDC Presidential primaries in the Eastern Region only confirm that that campaign was wishful thinking.

The NDC Eastern Regional and Constituency Executives may actually be only interested in political campaign initiatives that could channel party and public resources into the region for other purposes.

More than 5% of the general membership of the NDC rejected President Mahama as party leader and President of Ghana. Any serious political party will immediately launched an investigation into what could have accounted for this poor showing.

Even when Nana Konadu contested Prof Mills, our late President won by 97%. This result came at the background of allegation of corruption and incompetence from leading NDC party members including the founder, President John Rawlings.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has predicted President Mahama and the NDC will lose the 2016 elections. The independent business within The Economist Group which provides forecasting and advisory services through research and analysis state that the "poor handling of the economy, electricity and fuel shortages, high inflation and currency depreciation" are reasons why President Mahama and the NDC will lose the next general elections. 

These findings confirm the charge of incompetence by Ghanaians.  It is interesting corruption did not make it to the list of reasons why President Mahama will lose the next elections.

The results show members of the ruling NDC are also unhappy about the way President Mahama and the NDC government are managing our nation. The poor power supply situation affects everybody, irrespective of one’s political association. The over 61,000 NDC delegates have spoken the mind of the generality of the Ghanaian electorates. There is little doubt that President Mahama and the NDC will lose next year’s elections.

The bold and courageous 61,000 NDC members must be commended for undertaking that patriotic exercise despite the bribery and vote buying.

NDC Member of Parliament for (MP) Gomoa Central, Florence Rachel Appoh has publicly stated that she bribed delegates not to vote against President Mahama. The first time legislature said “I have to spend for the NO VOTE against the President to get reduced to 350. Even with this figure, I cried, begged and paid some money to some people before I was able to achieve that.”

This revelation gives credence to the level of unpopularity of President Mahama even among his party folks. Defeat is staring in the face of President Mahama and the NDC. It is only a matter of time for the desire of Ghanaian electorates to be achieved.



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