The Savannah Regional Coordinating Council has set up an eight-member committee to help stop the frequent attacks and lynching of aged women accused of witchcraft.

At a short ceremony to inaugurate the team, Regional Minister Adam Salifu Brimah charged the team to undertake a rigorous sensitization programme to educate residents particularly the youth on ending the unwarranted lynching of aged women.

He said that Akua Denteh’s death should be the last of such killings in the region.

90-year-old Akua Denteh was lynched at Kafaba on Monday, July 24 in the Savannah Region.

Seven persons have so far been remanded in Damongo Police in connection with the lynching of the 90 year old woman.

The family of Akua Denteh expressed their gratitude to RCC for standing on the tragedy of her death to help prevent other women from going through a similar ordeal.