Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you.

With this Biblical quotation, you cannot be a failure. God did not give you only a seed but a tree which has a fruit yielding seed. God knows the potential of a seed that is why he gave it to mankind to survive and subsequently use it to bless others. However, I don’t think mankind has absorbed this revelation and the dominion God has given him to use a seed to fight poverty, food scarcity and financial stress fighting the world. Seeds are powerful. It has so much potential and power such that it can never be extinct due to its ability to regenerate.

One of the most surviving resources of Ghana is cocoa beans. In 1870, Tetteh Quarshie undertook a voyage to the Spanish colony, Fernando Po (now Bioko in Equatorial Guinea). About six years later, he returned to Ghana with several cocoa beans (the Amelonado) and made history. In 1879, Tetteh Quarshie planted the seeds at Mampong with some success. This decision of one person has fed generations and is still feeding them. This has also made Ghana iconic as the second largest exporter of cocoa beans in the world, second to Ivory Coast.

This shows that a seed houses generation of seeds and can also feed generations of man.

A seed in your hand is wealth but how you use it is very critical to your success in life. The amazing aspect is that a seed has generations of seeds in it. These generations of seeds have a compounding effect that can build an empire of seeds. Hence, your inability to see the potential in a seed can be very detrimental to having a bumper harvest.

This substantiates the fact that seeds need to be cherished, appreciated and loved. Do you really appreciate, respect and believe in the ‘seed idea’ you have that; it has the potential to turn your life around? That is the idea you have neglected has the power to be a master key in your life. However, a seed cannot be successful on it’s own but it needs to be complemented for it to function well. That means many factors come together to make a seed grow to its full potential. Hence one of the predominant factors is rain. Therefore I believe the rain is the anchor of a good harvest.

In this regard, I can say a seed sowed without rain is like a generation with no hope.

That is fruits needed to continue the generation of seeds if not produced as a result of drought or lack of rain defines a hopeless situation of lack of seeds to continue the regeneration of seeds. Therefore, having a seed is not enough to bear fruits but other factors complement the seed to help it live to its full potential. Therefore sowing a seed is an investment to produce more seeds and seedlings now and for the future.  

Interestingly, do we have people that have seeds but do not see the importance of rain? Absolutely yes!!! As some people have refused to recognise the importance of rain or they are just finding it difficult how to marry the two to work together.

When it is raining, some people prefer to find shelter as they don’t want to get wet; others prefer to dance in the rain to entertain themselves whilst others see it as a great opportunity to start sowing. These are the replica of choices that we make in life. Having seeds in your hands without sowing especially when there is availability of rain can be suicidal. That is a great opportunity right at your door step but sometimes we see it as hard work so we prefer to look elsewhere.

The reason is that we find it difficult to gather resources and we don’t want to get dirty tilling the land especially in the rain since the journey from sowing till harvest requires hard work, perseverance and patience. The irony with rain is that, it can be the anchor of a good harvest or a bad harvest. The same rain has the capacity to destroy your seeds through floods or drought.

This means that the people you believe can help you in pursuit of your dreams can at the same time destroy you. These are some of the factors that prevent people from sowing. They dwell on the negatives rather than the positives. They therefore prefer other people to take the risk to sow and afterwards gather their basket to get a small portion of their harvest at a cost.

The significance of sowing a seed is to bear fruits. However, when you sow the seed, what comes out first are the roots, stem, leaves, flowers, buds etc. The fact is the fruit which is the main reason for sowing is the last to be born on the plant. That means that in pursuit of your dreams you will encounter certain challenges until the fruit of success knocks at your door. The stems, roots, flowers, buds etc. prepare the fruits for a bountiful harvest. In the same way, your challenges prepare you for a much bigger stage of success. Embracing it with patience and finding strategic solutions is critical to arrive at the harvesting stage of your life.

What needs to be noted here is that; you don't have control over rain but to gather seeds can be the easiest in life. Ideas are free but gathering resources is the biggest challenge in pursuit of your dreams. That is why many have ideas but they don't know how to actualize the idea or even seize the opportunity of making the idea grow and become a reality.

Many in life died with their seeds because they never saw the significance of rain. Their seeds never got the right environment to exhibit their greatness. Also many are looking for different kinds of seeds in life to satisfy their quest of harvesting the fruits of their labour; but what they don't realise is that just a seed is what is needed to create an empire of seeds.

Many people rely on natural rain before they sow but that attitude must stop. If during the raining season, for some reason and there is a drought, there is the likelihood many seeds will not germinate. However those who are hungry for success will find a way to create rain through irrigation and other means. Therefore in life, if opportunity in the form of natural rain does not come to you, then you need to create your own opportunity in life.

Don’t wait for people to give you opportunity but learn to create a platform of opportunities for yourself by sowing in the midst of uncountable favourable conditions. Take the risk and it will be beneficial. For some people, you have worked the mathematics of success on paper for far too long; this is the time to take a step in the midst of uncertainty. Good harvest does not come easy but with hard work and ability to take risk will lead you to an empire of seeds that can feed generations.

The fact is if I give seeds to all the people reading this article, I will experience two categories of people. Those who will actualize the seedlings and the lousy ones. The first category of people is those who will immediately consume the seeds because they love it. Their appetite for the seeds means they cannot wait to sow so they prefer the quick fix of eating to satisfy their hunger. The other category will invest and take all the risk.

They will take advantage of the rain and other favourable factors to sow the seeds. The initial journey is hard work but they understand the principle that any investment is a risk taken one but there are always potential returns on their investments if they invest strategically and during the right season.

Now the twist to this is; those who sow the seeds will enjoy bumper harvest that in turn will generate uncountable seeds. That means the sower has more fruits to eat, sell and reinvest by sowing the seeds. . The increasing and multiplying effect of the seed means the harvest begin to increase and over time, seeds become an asset in the household of the sower. From this stage onwards, the sower begins to leave a comfortable life.

The sower provides two things to the one that ate his seeds. He provides more seeds at a cost and employs them. The issue is that those who ate their seeds live their life at their own misfortune. Therefore those that ate their seeds are the definition of an employee mindset whiles the sower takes the position of an employer.

 The easiest thing to do in life is to eat your own seeds. However, sowing them is the hardest, a reason why very few people are able to sow their seeds. Their seed grow to feed others and this is the principle of an entrepreneurial mindset. The idea which represents the seed of your life has the capacity to yield more dividends that can cause successful repercussions. Like the seed, your idea will bear fruits and the ‘seeds of ideas’ it produces can be the foundation of building an asset that has a multiplying effect of growth.

Who says it's not possible? Who is telling you to eat your ‘seed of ideas’? Start to take advantage of the rain and learn to invest your seed as it has the power to form a lasting legacy and an asset for generations to come. You need to start sowing now.

To conclude, a seed means start with what you have. From the physical outlook, it looks like the seed does not possess the potential to be great but within it lies an empire and generation of seeds. Don’t wait to get everything before you start pursuing your dreams. Learn to start from somewhere. As a seed has a potential to grow to become the biggest tree that you can ever imagine, so is your ‘seed of idea’. This is the only way to create a better lifestyle for yourself, family and the world at large. They say a journey of a thousand miles start with a step. However you will not get to your destination if you don’t take that first step towards the thousand miles journey.

 Hence stop eating your seeds and rather starting sowing it. The journey of sowing starts now.

Always remember it’s possible if only you believe.