Members of the University of Ghana Debate Society on Tuesday clashed over comments made by an alumnus of the university.

The CEO of Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD), Senyo Hosi, at the launch of the 70th-anniversary celebrations, called out the management of UG.

According to the businessman, UG is falling behind because it doesn’t train employable graduates. He asked the old lecturers to make way for youthful knowledge.

The issue has since generated controversy.

In a heated debate, members of the debate society went throat to throat.

A level 200 student, Roselyn Plaha who argued in favour of Mr. Hosi noted that the systems in the school are making the students not to think as well.

She also blamed the government for doing too little to improve education in the country.

Jeremiah Sekyi who was against the Hosi’s opinion, however, said the alumnus’ comments undermined efforts to make the school the best in the world.

In his argument, the level 400 student said the businessman did not apply Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning – a level 100 course – in his submissions.  

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