A hardworking single mother saved up many months to take her son to a famous circus that was on tour and would be making a stop in their town.

She bought an advance ticket and budgeted for a big show, some popcorn and the biggest attraction for the child – the rainbow colored giant cone of ice cream.

The day finally came and they made it to the fair grounds and went to the main circus show. The boy was excited and extremely grateful and the mother was super content with herself. She was pleased that she could bring a big broad smile to her son's face.

Soon it was time for the big attraction – the giant rainbow colored cone of ice cream. The boy was so excited and proud of his mother's love that he was oblivious to the effect of the heat in the ice-cream. The heat soon started melting the ice-cream and in no time the ice-cream fell off the cone. The little boy was so disappointed that tears started streaming down his cheeks. In a flash the little boy was inconsolable. How could he lose the thing he wanted so much just at the time he was about to enjoy it?

At that moment, a widower was also treating his daughter to… Yes, a giant rainbow colored cone of ice cream. He instinctively bought one for himself and in a moment realized he had sensitive tooth so immediately thought about what to do with the ice-cream. He turned around a saw a woman trying her hardest with love to console a little boy.

The man walked up to the l little boy and said "Here son, this is for you".

When the boy looked up, his teary eyes instantly lit up with joy and he said between his tears "Thank you Sir".

The man introduced himself to the boy's mother and two children enjoyed their ice-cream and played together while the adults had a hearty conversation. Soon it was time to part ways but it was evident that they were going to be seeing a lot of each other, who knows maybe someday become a family!

Life is full of moments like that. It's ok to feel disappointed about loses but it's important that we are not always like the little boy. Our lives are wired to be good stories, sometimes what seems hopeless is only meant to bring us closer to the place of joy that we prayed for.

 We often forget the supreme providence of God and busy ourselves trying to hold on to the things we have "acquired" in this life.

Our focus is often on the gift and not the giver. Like the little boy, we become depressed at the thought of losing our earthly belongings. A newly married couple had a miscarriage and they tried anxiously for another pregnancy until one day they decided to look just live life and BOOM a seed was nestled in the womb and a baby arrived later.

What are you desperately trying to hold on to today? A troubled marriage or relationship, a job, a demon possessed car, difficult children or financial challenges? None of these worries are bigger than Jehovah God – in whom lies all the answers. He is the source of our life and all we have in it.

Sometimes God's providence will come to us in a way we call coincidence.

It's serendipity.

Go Forward! Make Rain!


I am Nhyira Addo – The Rainmaker