The convener of the African Youth and Governance Conference and founder of Youth Bridge Foundation, Seth Oteng, has been acknowledged for his great passion for African youth and continuous commitment to initiating responsive programmes towards youth development on the continent.

He received the 2016 Renaissance Award presented by Afroglobal Television's Excellence Awards program. The award reflects on his recognition of the potential of the African youth to generate wealth using knowledge, skills and creativity for Africa's development.

Seth Oteng focuses on advocating for youth engagement and positive participation in local, national, continental and global governance whilst on the other hand, empowering youth through varied initiatives for meaningful engagement and self-development.

He has extensive international exposure acquired through residency, studies and professional engagement in Europe, the Americas and across Africa.

The annually held African Youth and Governance Conference brings together youth leaders across the continent to discuss and propose workable solutions to address issues in Africa.

The Excellence Awards program is the new brand name replacing the Planet Africa Awards initiative established in 2004.

The red carpet awards gala has honored achievers and brought together people of African origin and others of goodwill, to celebrate leadership and excellence.

Past award recipients include Kevin Williams, President and Managing Director of General Motors Canada, Professor Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate, Hon. Jean Augustine, Former Minister and Fairness Commissioner and Douglas Orane, Chairman of Grace Foods.