Here are some reasons that your guy is not interested or not ready:

1. He is keeping his options open. He may be dating others at the same time or even be in a relationship.

2. He may not be sure about you. He may not know you well enough yet and needs more time to get to know you.

3. He may not have a connection or chemistry with you. Again, more time may help the connection and chemistry grow and develop.

4. He may have some insecurity or fear. His last relationship may have ended badly, he may have been hurt, or he is feeling rusty with modern dating.

5. He may be testing you. Due to some crazy woman before you, he may be taking it slow to ensure you won’t go psycho on him.

6. He may not be in a hurry. He may want to take his time and not rush the process.

7. He may have some unfinished business. He may have some ties or feelings with someone else that are not fully cut or is not in a place of trust due to a past failure