A former Deputy Tourism Minister in the spirit of the just ended Mother’s Day celebration, has admonished people not to sever ties with their mothers.

Abla Dzifa Gomashie said even when there may be a lack of friendship between any individual and his or her parent, they should be close in a way.

The queen mother in the Aflao Traditional Area said even though some mothers may be difficult or estranged, it is imperative that their positions as parents be recognised and respect accorded them duly.

She told Edem Knight-Tay on Joy FM’s Home Affairs, the actress also called Mama Dzramedo traditionally referred to the biblical story of Jesus’ whipping of merchants in the church place to drive her point home.

According to her, despite his outburst in anger, many more positive tales are told of Christ.

“So find the goodness in your mother that kept you alive to be who you are,” she said.

She also encouraged people to “see God in the parents that brought you to the world, and accept them as they are…tell yourself, she is also created in the image and likeness of God”.

This, she believes, would help people relate better with seemingly difficult mothers.

Having lost her own mother years ago, she recounted on the show the good memories they shared whiles she was alive including the times when discipline was meted out through “whopping”.

According to her, even though there were moments of misunderstandings between them, “it doesn’t matter now”.

She encouraged children to still value relationships with their mothers against all odds because “you will beat yourself up one day when they are not there”.