Shinji Kagawa arrives at Manchester United with a big reputation, and a pornstar girlfriend.

We all know that Alex Ferguson was not exactly a huge fan of Victoria Beckham, accusing her of turning David Beckham into a ‘different person’. We think Becks was well on his way to being more star than footballer before the Spice Girl arrived but there you go.

Anyway, we wonder how the Scot feels about his new signing Shinji Kagawa’s other half. The Japanese midfielder arrives at Old Trafford with a big reputation and a set of medals from the German double he completed with Borrussia Dortmund last season.

However, his girlfriend will also get a fair bit of attention too, with the Sky cameras probably already on the lookout for Ameri Ichinose.

Ichinose is a 24-year old Japanese porn star and a quick Google search reveals everything you might ever want to know about the young lady. We will leave that up to yourself but don’t try it in the office unless you want to get in big trouble.

We wonder if anyone has told Fergie about Ameri just yet. We look forward to her first trip to Old Trafford.