SMT Ghana has supported Klaas Haven Montessori School located at Kasoa with student scholarship packages, Veronica buckets and some renovation works.

The company painted the entire school building and offered scholarship packages covering full tuition and feeding to six brilliant students.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the staff of the company also mobilised stationery and other learning materials for the school.

Veronica buckets and their accessories were also presented as part of the SMT’s commitment towards the control of coronavirus in the country.

Top Executives of SMT Ghana including Felix Ofosu-Kontoh, Sales Director, Leonardo Aguiar, Technical Director, Godfred Sessah-Johnson, Health and Safety Manager, Beatrice Oduru-Afranie, Human Resource Director and Hilda Peasah, Marketing Manager were present at the school to hand over the scholarship packages and the items.

SMT Ghana offers scholarships to needy but brilliant students of Klaas Haven Montessori

Speaking on behalf of the SMT team, Mrs Peasah, said the donation formed part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative targeted at giving back to society, especially the communities within its operational areas.

“Being part of the SMT Africa Group, with our core values as caring, daring and sharing when the school contacted us for support we didn’t hesitate.

“Education is one of the key factors of development and no country can achieve sustainable economic development without investing in its human capital. That is why SMT Ghana takes pride in supporting education.

“We recently started with our Volvo Truck traffic safety campaign dubbed: ‘Stop, Look and Wave’, to give schoolchildren the opportunity to better understand how trucks operate in traffic. We move around schools to educate the kids on road safety and make donations as well to them,” she said.

Receiving the donation, Christoph Edem Kobla Damalie, owner of the school, thanked SMT Ghana for the gesture and urged Corporate Ghana to emulate to ensure the government gets the adequate support to promote education in the country.

He recalled that Klaas Haven Montessori School was established in 2000 with the objective of inculcating human rights into the educational system so that kids will not have to wait to get old before understanding basic societal issues.

“Before we started this school, Kasoa was not developed like today so there were so many girls and boys moving around without schooling. I am happy we have made an impact in terms of education here in this community.

“We are happy SMT Ghana is here to provide the necessary support and to be part of this success story. Education is vital, especially basic education because if the foundation is not strong then the whole structure will be weak,” he said.

It was a day worth remembering as the kids entertained the SMT team with songs and artistic display.

Godfred Sessah-Johnson, Health & Safety Manager of SMT Ghana, took the kids through a practical demonstration on the safe use of roads by pedestrians.

The kids were also taught the basic road safety practices.

Most of the parents of the scholarship beneficiaries, who spoke to the press, were excited about the offer and thanked SMT Ghana for giving their kids hope for the future.

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