The speaker of parliament has directed immediate release of funds to enable adhoc committee set up by the house to complete work on code of conduct to regulate the conducts of members of parliament.

He is optimistic the adoption of the report will help address conducts of MPs and regulate their engagement with the public.

The committee headed by Alban Bagbin was setup in July last year, but financial constraints have stalled their activities.

Vice chairman of the committee, Paapa Owusu Ankomah, tells parliament the document will be ready only if money is released to validate work done so far.

"We have done all the preliminary work, it is left for a validation workshop for the committee to be done. the last time, the chairman inform me that he was facing some financial challenges to enable us meet because he [is in] touch with two experts or consultants to assist the committee in that regard.

"I am awaiting further information from him and having regard to events of the past few days, I wish to assure the House that we will try and speed up the process so that at least, latest by the end of this session, we would have adopted the Code of Ethics”, Paapa Owusu Ankomah noted.

Meanwhile, the speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho in his response, directed the clerk of parliament to resource the committee with the needed materials so that it can complete the work and submit report to the House as soon as possible.

He therefore expressed hope in the leadership of Parliament in pursuing the issue and providing the necessary advise that will assist the House redeem its dignity.


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