The Medical Superintendent of Tamale Central Hospital, Dr. Mahamadu Mbini-waya has disclosed that several staff of the hospital including medical doctors are under investigation for stealing the hospital’s resources.

This follows threats by the staff to withdraw their services due to a lack of basic logistics for the treatment of patients.

Speaking to Adom News, Dr. Mbini-waya explained how some staff forge their own receipts instead of using the hospital’s receipt.

He said the staff are to be blamed for the unavailability of logistics and resources for the treatment of patients.

“And this very people would pocket the money. It will not go down well to the extent that somebody even had his own receipts. He has his own receipt. Have you seen how they are pushing the hospital down? Now there is no money and the very people will come and say that we don’t have this, we don’t have that.

Theatre too is the same, go there and you will know the huge number of surgeries and how much comes to the hospital’s coffers. All these people are facing the disciplinary committee, staff of this hospital. And the least thing they will go to the chiefs and report me to the chiefs,” he explained.

Joy News’ Northern Regional correspondent, Martina Abugri recalled Dr. Mbini-waya’s narration to her on how staff of the hospital diverts the hospital’s resources and logistics for personal use.

Dr. Mbini-waya noted that the inappropriate actions by the staff of the hospital are impeding activities at the hospital.

“A guy who was going to stand for assembly election for his community and everybody who comes from that community whether you have insurance or not, he manipulates the thing and it goes through. Insurance comes and they say this number of people that you sent to us is not correct. These things have been manipulated. So there is a whole lot of problems, the hospital is brought down in problems,” he told Adom News.

Joy News sources indicate that the Northern Regional Director of Health will be meeting with a team from the Tamale Central Hospital on Thursday morning to address the issue.

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