A spokesman of the Ghana Football Association, (GFA) Mr Randy Abbey has stated that the Association does not depend on religious faith to enhance the performance of the Black Stars and the other national teams during competitions.

He insisted that the GFA believed in good preparation, discipline and commitment to training by players as the main factors that could ensure the success of the teams at competitions at all levels.

Mr Abbey said this at a press conference organized by the GFA for media personnel drawn from the northern sector of the country in Kumasi on Friday.

“So far as we are concerned, Ghana is a secular nation and as such the GFA will always play down religion in determining the fortunes of the national teams at all competitions”, he remarked.

Mr Abbey debunked media reports that the GFA had impressed upon the Stars’ coach, Claude Le Roy not to grant interviews to the Ghanaian media.

“The doors of Le Roy are always opened to the media as and when they intend to know the activities and programmes of the Black Stars”, he insisted, saying as far as the GFA was concerned the coach does not discriminate against the local media in favour of their foreign counterparts.
Mr Abbey advised sports journalists to adhere to the principles and ethics of journalism in their work and to be circumspect in their reportage for the development of Ghana football.

Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, President of the GFA advised clubs to strive to use the well-structured internal mechanisms of the Association in addressing issues instead of resorting to legal actions.

“Those who resort to legal actions to seek redress in times of differences or misunderstanding with other clubs or the GFA will have themselves to blame. The GFA will have no other choice than to mete out the appropriate sanctions against offending clubs in accordance with FIFA rules and regulations”, he added.

Source: GNA


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