Director of the Faculty of Academic Affairs & Research at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), Prof Kwesi Aning, has asked diplomats to abstain from meddling in internal affairs of the state.

He said it is improper for diplomats to meddle in the affairs of their host countries.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Wednesday, he said: “I think it is important for members of the diplomatic corps to understand the culture and nuances of what this small but bold country is trying to do.”

This follows the four-paged response from the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo-Dampare to the British High Commissioner, Harriet Thompson after she tweeted about the arrest of the #FixTheCountry convenor Oliver Baker Vormawor.

The response has generated varied opinions from the public domain, with a section of the public lauding the IGP while others who believe his response was uncalled for, are defending the British High Commissioner.

Adding his voice to the discourse, Prof Aning who has been commending the IGP for taking the “bold step,” said Dr Dampare’s response was apt.

“The IGP’s comment was well done and straight to the point,” he said.

“This is a reflection of a growing tendency in Ghanaian society and (diplomats) should give us a chance to define what our rights are and let us struggle for those rights, let us make mistakes and we shall get there.

“This is the essence of what we Ghanaian citizens are asking for; give us the space to operate. They should just be on the sideline, watch and enjoy the show and just leave it there, because intrusive comments and seeking to determine how actions or the performance of particular institutions should run out, I think it is a little deeper,” he maintained.

He further criticised state officials for their failure to call out diplomats who attempt to meddle in the affairs of the state, and asked Ghanaians not to give room for people who do not understand the dynamics of what is going on in the country to meddle.

“Unfortunately we’ve got this laid-back attitude where those who ought to speak on behalf of the state consistently allow people to speak on our behalf and I think the IGP’s letter is a good historical document that others must take a cue from.

“We should not always give so much emphasis when people who really don’t understand the dynamics of what is going on in our country, think that they have a right and a better insight into the way that we handle our affairs.

He, however, entreated the IGP not to further engage the British High Commissioner on the issue.

“For me, the IGP’s letter was very good, it is a good historical document to take a cue from and I don’t think there should be any further engagement from the Police force. I think they have made their point very clearly and I think they should continue with their work of protecting us,” he said.