Ten destooled sub-chiefs of the New Juaben Traditional Area in the Eastern region have performed rituals to signal the distoolment of the Paramount chief of the area, Daasebre Dr Oti Boateng.

The agrieved destooled chiefs accused Dr Oti Boateng of engaging in conduct that contravenes the values and traditions of the people.

At a ceremony Monday, the 10 disgruntled men slaughtered a ram, poured libation and invoked their ancestral spirits in the full glare of the public and journalists to signify their destoolment of the chief.

It is doubtful if their action has any impact status quo but Joy FM's regional correspondent, Kofi Siaw reported the Abisimhene, who slaughtered the ram as saying that he and the others have the locus standi to take the action they took.

He said Daasebre Dr. Oti Boateng's destoolment of the 10 sub-chiefs was void as it was without basis.

According to him, the only reason the Paramount Chief purported to destool them was because they disagreed with certain actions he action he took.

Spokesperson for the chiefs, Nana Yaw Anor Boateng II, who was the Nseniehene, said Daasebre Oti Boateng was autocratic and punished dissenting views.

He said the chiefs took the action after several petitions to the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs had failed to yield any results.

Daasebre Dr. Oti Boateng is to address a press conference at the palace where he is expected to refute the allegations.