Technology giant Subah Infosolutions has been awarded the International Gateway Monitoring System (GWMS) contract by the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) of Sierra Leone.

After a rigorous assessment of competitive bidding process forwarded by 12 international participating companies, Subah Infosolutions the only West African based International Company won the contract.

Subah Infosolutions has an undisputed record of excellently managing the monitoring of International Gateway Traffic Systems in both Ghana and Guinea (Conakry).

The Regulator

The Sierra Leone National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) is mandated to regulate the telecommunications sector in Sierra Leone and to ensure the growth and sustainable development of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Sierra Leone.

The Commission in performing it's regulatory functions is mandated to undertake capital investments for the purpose of acquiring telecommunications equipment and services and other necessities to enable effective regulation of the telecommunications sector in line with international best practice for sustainable growth and development of the sector in that country.

The procurement of telecommunications management and monitoring services in the sector is very important for the Commission in achieving the essential services and deliverables for which the commission was established as contained in its statutory functions.

The Contract

In line with these statutory mandates, the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) requested for bids for purposes of engaging a service provider to provide International Gateway Monitoring Services and Subah Infosolutions Ghana Limited, an entity incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana, participated and won the bid.

The Service Provider

Subah Infosolutions Ghana Limited per the contract with NATCOM is expected to effectively monitor the quality of service in real time on international voice and data traffic between Sierra Leone and overseas destinations.

Subah is also expected to build and operate a non-intrusive telecommunications monitoring platform to monitor and report on all international terminating (incoming) and originating (outgoing) voice and data traffic into and out of the Republic of Sierra Leone respectively,  all domestic voice and data traffic within the territory of the Republic of Sierra Leone, including but not limited to traffic to, from and between GSM operators/carriers, Internet service providers and any other organization and/or institution that utilizes VSAT and/or fiber optic cable services.

The Chairman of NATCOM Momoh Konke at the signing ceremony said Subah’s bid was "the most responsive" in the list of bidders.

He explained that the evaluation process was very transparent and accessible. "Management of NATCOM is working very hard with Subah and very soon, we will see the presence of monitoring in the country's communication system."

The Executive Chairman of the Jospong Group, of which Subah is a subsidiary Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, who was present at the signing ceremony mentioned that the goal of the ICT firm is to be number one in its sphere of operations in Africa and that gives Subah the motivation not only to do more but also excel. 

He revealed that the successes chalked in Ghana and Guinea in monitoring such activities which lead to a tremendous increase in revenue for the two countries are enough proof of Subah's capacity and capabilities which the company hopes to successfully deliver outside Ghana.

He gave firm assurances that Subah which is a wholly owned Ghanaian company will not only deploy the same business model and technology in developing local capacity in the various African countries where it operates but also technology transfer to them as well.

Ps: NATCOM is confident that with the recruitment of Subah Infosolutions Ghana Limited, Simbox fraud would soon be eliminated from Sierra Leone. In line with this tech-savvy Subah is expected to use its sophisticated technology in ensuring anti-telecom fraud such as SIM Box fraud is detected and eliminated to the barest minimum.

Subah was adjudged Best Telecom Traffic Monitoring Solution Company of the year at the annual Africa Telecoms, Fraud, and Revenue Assurance & Risk Management Forum 2016 recently organized by Falcon Business Research in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.