Suspected Fulani herdsmen have killed two anti-riot policemen attached to the Special Task Force, STF, at Palang in Bachit District of Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State.

They were reportedly gunned down on Sunday while at their duty post. The same assailants allegedly shot and injured three people at Tahoss in the same area that night.

A police source identified the slain policemen as Corporals Safiyanu Suleiman and Thomas Kozah. The gun men were said to have caught them unawares, opening fire on them before escaping from the area.

Attacks on villages in the local government area has become a regular occurrence resulting in several loss of lives. Most of the attacks had been blamed on suspected Fulani herdsmen.

Spokesman of the Plateau Police Command, Assistant Superintendent Samuel Dabai confirmed the killing of the two police men, adding that investigations were on-going.

Meanwhile, security has been beefed up at the Police Staff College, Jos following Monday attack on the college by suspected Boko Haram members which left two policemen injured.

The attackers were said to have struck at about opening fire on the two policemen who were on guard duty at the gate. A resident said the exchange of gunshots continued for about 30 minutes before the attackers said to number about 20 left.

They were said to have positioned themselves at different points, first targeting the security lights before attempting to shoot their way into the premises. However, the support from other policemen from the college who engaged them frustrated their effort to gain entry.

A visit to the college on yesterdayday showed that vehicles were no longer allowed to park anywhere near the college while vehicles going in and out were subjected to thorough check.

The Boko Haram sect had for some time now been sending threat messages to attack churches, police formations and other places in Jos..


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