The Vice-Chancellor of the Cape Coast Technical University has called for more funding for researchers at the country’s technical universities.

Prof Joshua Danso Owusu-Sekyere explains the move is to help the universities undertake innovations and breakthroughs that are hailed elsewhere across the globe.

Speaking at the launch of the University’s Design and Innovation Hub, professor Owusu-Sekyere argued the country could see many innovations and breakthroughs in technology and innovations should the challenge of funding for research be tackled.

He is convinced the difference between Ghanaian researchers and their counterparts elsewhere is funding and if it’s tackled, Ghana would see an astronomical increase in inventions and innovations.

“Funding is required because that is the limiting factor. The brain of the white man is no different from the black man but it’s only that the white man has gone ahead of us. We can catch up; we can overtake them when we provide adequate funding,” he stated.  

The Vice-Chancellor stressed there are more capable hearts and minds in the various universities undertaking researches but their researches could be hugely impactful if they received funding.

“We know the principles and the materials required for fabricating devices and so once we have the funding we will be able to have the materials required to build the needed devices for national development,” he emphasized.

Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the CapeCoast Technical University, Dr Kwame Anane Fenin, called for partnerships and funding to bring out the various technological innovations out of the researchers.

“What is needed are grants and collaborations with external partners. We already have one with the Energy Commission. Our main focus is to get the partners onboard to bring these innovations to bear,” he maintained.

The Cape Coast Technical University says it’s carving a niche for itself to become the renewable energy hub in the country.

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