This  Is not a popular topic. Yes, I know.  But it is a show I have to do for God and country, for my conscience and truth, so that I will be able to stand tall when posterity comes judging.

I really would have loved to use a very strong language for this opinion piece, but for political correctness and media sensitivity, I will be guided. I really do have a strong opinion on tonight's show. 

But well…

Once upon a time,  when our environment was respected and protected, when water bodies were fresh and intact, we referred to that era as "the era of foolishness". Amazing!

Anyway, wondering why I am talking about "I want your vote, not your well being"?

For the answer, you will have to tune in at 8pm tonight on Joy 99.7 FM and

I am Nana Ansah Kwao IV and I'm hoping to reach the young ones tonight, to warn them about the disastrous future ahead, if …