“Boom, boom, boom”
I hear a cry of pain. What was that?
“Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem?”
Someone retorted.
“Don’t you know
That the one and only Okatakyie,
The man who thrice laid down his life
For all Ghanaians is at the execution gate?”

Bang, bang, bang
A flying bullet to its target.
Defiantly he stands
“More action, give him more!”
The crowd yells.
An officer walks up to him
A loaded S M G in readiness
The trigger is pressed
Down goes the mighty oak
Okatakyie drops down dead.

Anything gained? One may ask
What is amiss? Why such torture?
Why exhibit such cruelty,
Man’s insensibility to his fellow human being?

Rumours links his calamity
To a letter he wrote to General Akuffo.
Was that his crime?
A big no!

To the probe he voluntarily went
Subjected to the most humiliating questions.
Exonerated, he came out a clean person
Is it then true, the charge of
Reckless dissipation of public funds?
Honestly, No!
Morally, No!!
Logically, No! No!! No!!!
His crime then?
Anxious Ghanaians demand.
The question remains unanswered
And will remain so for long.

Vigorous the 1979 Campaign was
Tiresome, wearisome, chaotic and mind boggling
Walking, jogging, ridding, driving, sometimes running
No rest, bubbling with energy
Everywhere the message was pronounced loud and clear
“I am Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwaah Afrifa
I am running for Parliament”.
A good heart he had
Excitement of politics carried him far
No patience, at times no tolerance
Cautious, cautioned, advised and even reprimanded
That was the Great Okatakyie
The end justifies the means
And so truly it was
The announcement –
Mampong North Constituency
Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwaah Afrifa
United Nation Convention – winner!

But lo! No time for celebration.
Armoured cars surround Krobo Township
“Should I resist? He asked
“No, I am the re-incarnation of Tweneboa Kodua.
Take me and I will go”.

The obnoxious Article 72 did not gain his support
Selfishness – No way!
Tribalism Not with him!!
Corruption – Out of question
For he was Mr. Clean
Dedicated, loyal, patriotic. Philanthropic
Union Government nauseated him.
A peacemaker,
He did not ferment trouble.

O motherland, I weep for you
Why this cry for more blood?
Forget not the saying
“Lord I ask for mercy”
Remember also this injunction
“My son, life is precious
Thou shalt not take it”.

We all hailed him more than once
We loved, followed and cherish him
Why then this cry for his blood?
But have you forgotten the old adage
That success is followed by failure
And glory by disgrace?
So it was with Okatakyie!

Judged as a soldier,
Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwaa Afrifa was undeniable great
His military genius was equal to that
Which fate entrusted upon him.

Here goes a leader and inspirer
As mighty as Okatakyie
When comes such another?
Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwaah Afrifa is dead
But the ideals he believed in
Are still with us!
His physical body might have departed
But his spirit dominates our action.

(This is the second part of my earlier tribute to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the brutal murder of my inspirer, Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwaa Afrifa. He was eliminated by a cabal of self seeking and visionless looters of our collective destiny on 26th June, 1979).
Daniel Danquah Damptey (0243715297)