1. They're sensitive … in a good way. In fact, University of Vienna researchers found that large breasts are 24 percent less sensitive than small breasts. So, don't make the mistake of thinking it's the other way around. Small boobs like attention too.

2. But take the bra off first. I might be wearing a sexy little lace number, but if I'm wearing a push-up, I wouldn't be able to feel an elephant through that padding. So play it safe and take my bra off before you get too into the fondling.

3. Speaking of bras, small ones can get pretty fancy. A casual "This is sexy" before you throw it on the floor is greatly appreciated. Bras are expensive and I may well have bought this one with you in mind.

4. Motor-boating probably isn't doable. But that doesn't mean you should keep your face away from my chest. There's still kissing, licking, nibbling, and a ton of other options.

5. Never look disappointed. While I love a lacy little bralet, sometimes nothing feels sexier than pumping my cleavage up with some padding. If you ever look confused or sad when you realize I'm actually a cup size smaller than you thought, get out. Get out right now.

6. I might tease you with choice of bra. By which I mean not wearing one (or wearing a very obviously see-through one). Think you can see my nips through my top? You probably can. And I'm going to make you wait until after dinner to get any closer.

7. I love being on top. No need to worry about too much jiggle or sagging. So don't be offended — I'm not saying your moves aren't good enough; I just like the freedom to bounce. And let's face it (literally), cowgirl rocks.

8. Don't get too rough. Give the breasts a good squeeze, swizzle the nips, and bounce them around a bit, but just remember that they are still attached to my body. You're like Spider-Man: With great power comes great responsibility.

9. And speaking of web-shooting, cum on the tits isn't really my thing. But like motor-boating, it doesn't mean the breasts need to be a peen-free area. Just saying…

10. Doggy can be even better. Aside from the fact there's less chance of my breasts getting sore from all that dangling, I can lower my chest or lie completely flat on the front. Try it. It rocks.

11. Plus, I like a bit of butt-loving. OK, not actual butt love (but feel free to ask politely), I'm just saying we're used to dating butt guys. So, sound us out, but a bit of spanking and grabbing probably won't go amiss.

12. Be confident with your boob skills. The worst thing you can do is avoid my small boobies altogether or grope around like you can't find them. Imagine if I did the same with your peen. GO FORTH AND GRAB!

13. Telling me you love my breasts never gets old. Seriously, never. If you don't mean it, don't say it. But if you do, scream it from the rooftops. Or, you know, just whisper it in my ear.




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