President Mahama is not going to be impeached. Maybe that can happen in the next world. Many were those who had the belief that Ghana's young democracy would be tested in the Parliament of Ghana, but that won't be the case because our mentality and mindset as Ghanaians don't support the supposed call for impeachment.

It's impossible not just because his party has the  majority in Parliament but simply because it is not.

I tell my folks that unless a miracle takes place in this country, unless the heavens come to directly sing a true divine song into the ears of our Parliamentarians with no exception to both Majority and Minority Caucuses in Parliament, unless the god's speak common sense into the minds of the less privileged Ghanaians to rise up to support what is truth, just and Godly and by so doing atavistically protecting the supremacy of the constitution, unless the opposition begins to have the strength to understand the true meaning of opposition, there will be no impeachment and this is the truth.

Don't get me wrong ,the analogy of this piece is not to tell you whether am in support of an  impeachment of the President of Ghana and I am not pleading or asking for a total revolution for him to be impeached, but to generally let you know the kind of people we are, our nature, our thinking, our culture, judgment, our compassion, and sympathy; "the talk only, but no show attitude" by us towards general issues of interest to us all as Ghanaians.

My focus is on the " Ford Gift " brouhaha or should l call it saga which happens to be "the latest issue in the country and on the screens of international Media.”

This is not to judge how right or wrong the supposedly "Gift" might be or to show what should have been done and what needs to be done on this saga.

All what happens to this country must be a lesson to our future generation, the actions and inactions of current circumstances must guide the steps of the young folks who wish to change the line of development and transformation of our country to a different level of development and not just of tenure and slow pace in progressing a sector.

My concern is not whether President Mahama should have received the gift or whether he needed not to, but rather on how we generally judge, criticize, praise and carry issues of this nature in this country.

There is total division in the line of discussion on this very brouhaha, acolytes of the government, apparatchiks of President Mahama and Members of the National Democratic Congress are on one side defending the actions of the President and trying everything possible means to let Ghanaians know that the "Ford Gift" was not a bribe and that President kufour received same while he was in office.

This we know that the two are incomparable.

The Opposition parties as well view this saga as a "bribe" and a  corrupt practice by the President. To them they believe that the actions of the President – the circumstances to which the contractor gave out the "Ford" as a gift to the President, the timing and all to them shows a level of interest from both sides.

They believe that the Contractor was given certain contracts because of his relationships with the President which triggered the "giving of the Ford as a Gift." They believe that, even though to them, the President might not have asked for it but so far as he accepted it and even called the contractor to  thank him ostensively shows a "level of a corrupt practice or Bribe".

I am of the view that both sides should take away their political opportunism and focus particularly on the issue. Both the NPP and NDC must criticize and analyse the issue based on what will be of interest and benefit to this nation as we move on rather than to be grooved with partisanship to defend this action or act of gift in its rightful or wrongful way as it might be.

The Opposition must criticize the issues based on what they know would guide the actions of Public Officers as we move into a deeper in our democratic practice, for the future.

Enough of the politics from both sides!

Enough of the politicking!

Don't defend it because you are an NDC or an acolyte of the President and don't attack and make mockery of this brouhaha because of political capital.


Richmond Asare Tinkaro

Former Local NUGS President

University of Ghana, Legon

A concerned citizen interested in Political issues.