TMA opts for fire proof concrete designs

The rise in market fires across the country in the last five years has compelled the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to opt for fireproof concrete designs.

This is expected to stop fires from spreading from one store to another in case of a fire outbreak.

Even though the cost involved will be higher than the normal construction of stores, the assembly says it is the surest way to avert fire from escalating in the event of an occurrence.

"If you look at the Tamale Central Market for instance, you realise that there are three gates to the market. Previously there were none.

These things are created so that eventually when the market is fully developed you can a fire tender that can move into every corner of the fire to quench fire," the Tamale Metropolitan chief Executive Abdul Hanan Gundadoo told Joy FM.

He said there are plans to introduce hydrants within the market to help fight fires in case of any occurrence.