Ghana's tourism sector has been one of the hardest hit sectors of the Ebola outbreak in the West African sub-region.

Deputy Director in Charge of Finance at the Ghana Tourism Authority told Joy Business domestic or local travels are feeling the effects of the situation..

“Because like all other natural disasters people will not like to travel to areas where they are likely to encounter these disasters”, he explained.

Already government has placed a ban on international conferences in a bid to prevent the disease from coming to Ghana from other countries.

Meanwhile, the outbreak of the Ebola virus has taken a heavy toll on Ghanaian businesses with operations in some countries in region  infected with disease.

The situation has resulted in some closing their factories, while others have put some projects that they are executing on hold. 

Chief Executive of GAMAK Investment Group, Sam Ankrah, a commodity import and trading firm, said the effect of an Ebola scare in West Africa is alarming.

“Vessel traders are not willing to allow their vessels to come the region because the crew is scared of getting into contact with locals and getting the disease. So now commodity traders are struggling to find vessels to come to the region”, he said.

Ebola is a deadly viral disease that has killed over thousand people in the West African sub-region since renewed outbreak in March this year.


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