Trashy Bags Africa (TBA) has indicated its commitment to the green economy through offering of upcycled and fashionable bags made from indiscriminately disposed plastic sachets.

It therefore has opened a showroom to complement the theme of Earth Day 2022, “Invest in Our Planet”, as the company is now embarking on a growth plan to expand and export the Ghana brand internationally increasing this venture to additional locations as well as further Sub-Saharan countries that are experiencing similar challenges in waste issues as well as address several of the UN’s key SDGs to protect the planet.

The event saw dignitaries join in the challenge of reducing plastic waste.

Speaking to Joy Business, the Chief Executive of TBA, Philip Foster said the new showroom will complement efforts in supporting education.

“The most important thing for us is a school bag because school bags mean education and education is super important to understand that that’s the future”, he said.

Trashy Bags commits to green economy

Mr. Foster added, “When these school children see the bags, they will understand not to throw the plastics away and that the plastic has a value.”

He said the school bags are currently used by over 9,000 children in Ghana alone.

TBA, a subsidiary of Aqua Africa Limited, a United Kingdom business focusing on water access solutions within Ghana, has signed up to the UN’s Race to Zero Campaign, committing to be carbon neutral by 2030.

According to TBA, plans are underway to increase the company’s production capacity so as to make the local company a hub.

“We can make Ghana a pioneer and leader in export of up-cycled plastic waste to Europe.” Said Mr. Foster.

He also mentioned that plans are underway to collect plastic waste as raw materials from other West African countries.