THE EAGLE IN ME (POEM) – Enough of the chicken life! You're destined to soar!


On the ground did I find myself.
Among the creeping Mistletoe and Mimosa
By the shrubs did I rest my head
With the stray chicks of the mother hen
And for a moment, I thought that was my world at best.


But there was something within
That told me my place was up in the sky
Something within
That told me I was to soar and not to fly
Something within
That told me the Winds will make me strong
Something within
That told me “Reach high and soar!”


But again, I turned left, right, all around.
Clucking and chirping was just profound
“Stay down! Stay down!”
Was what they seemed to say with each sound
“Fewer survive reaching higher!
You’re like us! You can’t go any further!
Stay down! Stay down! Let’s enjoy the leftover!”

But my eyes saw best through my heart
It yearned for the company of eagles on flight
It burned with desire to see me on the heights.
It was the eagle in me which longed for my highlight


So now I will prepare for my flight.
My wings will I spread out; I won’t take fright
The ground can’t be my ring
On the currents of the wind will I take delight


I will rise; I will soar
Until the eagle in me outshines
Like a kite I will tour
Till all I see is the eagle in me



© April 2013, Dorothy Budu-Arthur