Deputy Energy Minister Dr Mohammed Amin Adam says Tullow Ghana’s announcement of a new non-Ghanaian Managing Director cannot be official as the company must first discuss the matter with government.

In a yet to be aired interview on PM: EXPRESS on the JOY NEWS Channel on Monday, June 1 at 9 pm, Dr Amin Adam said as a partner, government prefers a Ghanaian to occupy that position.

The position was previously held by Kweku Awotwi who doubled as the Executive Vice President of Tullow Oil plc.

He is due to retire on June 30 and Tullow has already announced that he will hand over his responsibilities to Wissam Al Monthiry.

But the Deputy Energy Minister says Tullow cannot announce a replacement when they are yet to discuss the matter with government.

Dr Amin Adam, who is also the 2020 parliamentary candidate for the governing NPP for the Karaga Constituency in the Northern Region addresses Politics, Oil and the Contest for Votes in this exclusive PM: EXPRESS interview.

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