The Chief Marketing Officer of Twellium Ghana celebrated his birthday amidst joy and charity over the weekend.

Ali Ajami’s birthday celebration was characterised by a trip and a massive donation to an orphanage in Ada.

The United Nation Youth Goodwill ambassador’s donation is in line with a
personal goal as well as the overall vision of Twellium Ghana.

The company has over the years provided healthcare, education, and community support for the less privileged.

Items donated included, Verna Mineral Water, Mcberry Biscuits, Planet Flavored Drink, Tip Top Fruit Juice, and many more.

In an interview with the press, Mr Ajami revealed, though he wasn’t born in Africa, Africa was born in him.

He said he will forever “be grateful to the good people of Ghana for their support and love over the years.”

Listed as one of the most influential Chief Marketing Officer’s in Ghana in 2019, he was accompanied by his team of UN Youth Goodwill executives, marketing executives, close associates, friends and loved ones to the Orphanage in Ada.

The teams were met on arrival by the chief of the village with his entourage as well as the supervisors at the orphanage home.

While visiting the home of the needy in Ada, Mr Ajami was affectionately celebrated by the less privileged who chanted him a happy birthday song, while he was also appreciated by the management of the orphanage, the chief and people of the village for the kind gesture.

The fun-loving Mr Ajami took his time to interact with the children and also danced with them.

The benevolent philanthropist, Mr Ajami while receiving prayers from the children, promised to always come around to visit and bring them gifts from time to time.

And as an affirmation of his promise and fulfilment of his ambition as a true humanitarian, adopted two kids in the orphanage under his care as their ‘godfather’.