The Senior Staff of the University of Development (UDS) has suspended its industrial action demanding improved service conditions.

The group had earlier expressed its unhappiness with the delay in the promotion of some colleagues.

In an earlier meeting, the UDS management agreed to implement recommendations of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) that addresses qualification requirements for progression, a reason that necessitated the industrial action.

However, in a statement issued on Thursday, May 12, the Association said, “the Executive Council of the Senior Staff Association-University for Development Studies, Tamale, wishes to suspend its earlier intention to embark on an indefinite industrial strike which was scheduled on Thursday, May 12, 2022.”

It added that it had reached some agreements with the management.

Below are the agreements

  1. The University’s Management resolved to issue appointment letters to the four Senior Staff who had their appointment withheld.
  2. The University Management constitution of a six-member investigative committee, with the inclusion of the Senior cadre, to investigate the circumstances under which staff at the UDS Accra Office resigned out of unbearable bullying by the Head of the Accra office.
  3. The cancellation of a Senior Staff transfer by the Director of Health Service of the University’s Clinic, without recourse to Administrative standard rules or practices.
  4. Decision to recognise and appoint Senior Staff holders of MSC/MAMBA degrees to Senior Member Status.
  5. Decision to apply notional dates to the University’s Senior Staff cadre, as done to Senior Members
  6. Decision concerning the issue of M.AMBA/MSC. and holders of MPhil or other higher qualifications, but whose First Degrees are in Third Class or Pass, have been referred to the University’s Statutes Review Committee currently underway, on which the Senior Staff is well represented, to determine the eligibility for appointment to Senior Member grade.
  7. Decision to reconstitute the Senior Staff Appointments and Promotions (A&P)


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