Having recorded a yearly increase in student population, the Management of Valley View University have had to put up improvised structures to accommodate more students. 

Inadequate classrooms at the Kumasi campus of the University is taking a toll on teaching and learning, especially for weekend school. 

The University’s Management is therefore calling on all stakeholders to facilitate the construction of new lecture halls for effective academic work. 

Rector of Valley View University, Kumasi Campus, Dr. Winfred Ofoe Larkotey, expressed an urgent need to reconstruct the 4-floor lecture edifice which was originally razed by fire, to accommodate the overbearing numbers. 

“Our student population is growing by the day. Due to this, we are beginning to face classroom challenges when they all come to campus over the weekends. 

“Recently, we have had to break into classrooms simply to handle the increasing number of students, especially in the Nursing field.

“In view of the above, there is a dire need to rebuild the burnt building which is supposed to be four floors. 

“We pray all stakeholders and philanthropists to come to our aid as we reconstruct the burnt building,” he said. 

He called for investor collaboration to address the challenges.

“It has become necessary that we team up with investors to build hostels under the basis of Build, Operate, and Transfer. 

“We call on more investors to explore our campus in terms of hostels as the potential for a growing number of students is very high,” Dr. Larkotey added. 

He again bemoaned the lack of pedestrian crossing at the Kumasi-Accra highway.

He revealed that their close proximity to the stretch makes them vulnerable to high speeding vehicles which nearly resulted in four near-fatal accidents in 2021.

At the University’s 27th Congregation, Dr. Larkotey, appealed to the Ghana Highways Authority to construct speed ramps around their premises to preempt the recurrence of accidents. 

“We have had about four near-fatal accidents right in front of our campus since I joined in February. This is due to the speed at which motorists ply the road. 

“We will be grateful if the Ghana Highways authority, can create at least two speed ramps, one nearing our gate from Oduom roundabout and another one after the security post. This will help reduce the speed at which cars move on this stretch,” he said. 

In spite of these challenges, Management of the University has established a 52-seater computer laboratory, a well-equipped nursing skills laboratory to accommodate the increasing Nursing students, 30KVA Solar project, and Schiopu Dental Clinic Project. 

The University hopes to complete a hospital and dental clinic which would serve the Oduom, Awomaso, Bebre, Fumesua, and adjoining communities.

Dr. Larkotey further charged the 2020/21 graduating class to harness skills given them to provide efficient and sustainable solutions to societal challenges. 

“Use the skills we have given you to find solutions to the teeming challenges in the world.

“I urge you to form strong partnerships with colleagues, to dream, implement, and transform business ideas into reality as this is the way to go,” he said. 

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