Enjoy a transcription of this spoken word by Timmy Odoom on Valentine’s Day!

Love is a beautiful gift from God, presented to a few lucky people

You are worth every second I stop and stare…you are worth every coin I’ll spend

You are worth every moment I appreciate

You keep me smiling. You are worth every hype I give. Should there be an earthquake, I’ll still hold u down.

I stand to ovate your presence. You are worth the reason

Even if God should mount a stage with angels, I’ll still attend your solo stands

Your face is as beautiful as Eden and your lips like tree of life

Seductively attractive

Forgive my iniquity

I know there’s distance from this Westside to the Eastside but I aim at closing this gap to seek your audience

To be the only chest your (breast) hug Pampers

I’m not a shy person but in your presence, I’ll cover my viewpoint

Stars are missing in the skies cos they all lighten up in your eyes

You are celestial — Brighter than white

Gown fits your looks


Even if you were deaf to respond to “can we be friends?” I’ll still make mute signs to say can we be friends.

‘cos truly, you are worth the reason.

And when we are finally Friend’s, I’ll become your ESP – Erotic Soul partner

I’ll nurse ur eye from ever tearing cos they are meant for seeing visions but if they should ever tear, it would be because you regret not meeting me at your first

Now back to the first

You are worth pearls on your finger

You are worth a thousand steps on the aisle

You are worth the bond at the alter

You are worth a sincere kiss in the presence of saints

Another stare at your face and


 You are the definition of perfection

I have no doubt it was after u were created God saw everything to be Good

“It is finished”

Just like Jesus said

I am Timmy!