Braimah Kamoko's skin tone has changed considerably in the last year, and he has not been shy of revealing why.

In several interviews, he has proudly shown off his lightened skin that is punctuated with black knee and elbow patches.

In a lengthy interview on The Pulse on the Joy News Channel on Friday,  Bukom Banku disclosed that although he is aware skin bleaching goes contrary to Islamic teachings, he will go ahead anyway.

Host Francis Abban asked what will make the boxer stop. "If the Chief Imam cannot [be] happy, he can come out, I will stop. I believe the chief imam. If he says Bukom Banku, stop bleaching, I will stop"

He went on to justify why he should look like one of the many "red [fair] Muslims" around, saying in Ga that "Don't you see that Hausa people some of us are [fair]?"

About the unsightly and multicoloured nature of his skin presently, he assured viewers that his creams will even out the tone soon. "Give me three weeks. If you see me in three weeks, you cannot see me again. Everything go go!"