Vodafone Ghana has pledged to continuously provide innovative and quality services to its clientele base and build on the brand’s visibility throughout the country.

Tawo Bolarin, the Director of Enterprise Business Unit and Wholesale of Vodafone, said there was going to be a lot more engagement to promote and get more people to love and recognise the brand.

Briefing the media in Kumasi ahead of the 64th Asantehene’s Golf Tournament, she said the company would deliver unmatched experiences and innovative products and services to customers.

Vodafone’s involvement in the Tournament, over the last five years, had given the company the opportunity to bring a bigger focus in terms of businesses into the Ashanti Region, Ms Bolarin said.

“It is a partnership that continues to produce great dividends for our customers and stakeholders in the region, through our products, services, and our community initiatives,” she said.

Golf had been part of the Ghanaian fabric for so many years, Ms Bolarin said, and for Vodafone customers, it was an avenue for effective business interactions, promotion of physical fitness and general well-being.

Activities to mark the Tournament include a free hotspot at the Airport for customers and golfers arriving for the event, a digital skills training for some selected teachers in the region and special discounts for customers at specific eateries and pubs when they paid with Vodafone Cash.

The Vodafone Foundation, Ms Bolarin said, had impacted more than 100,000 lives in Ashanti in the areas of health, education, coding programmes and other social impacts for communities.

Again, it had grown its customer base in the region in terms of the number of services they provided to both businesses and consumers whereas the brand bonding had increased substantially in the last five years, she said.

Vodafone Business would provide about 50 websites to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), one of its key focuses, to help them grow beyond geographical boundaries in contemporary times.

It had also trained more than 400 SMEs on better business management, MS Bolarin said.

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