Water crisis: Pupils forced to bath with sea water

Water crisis in parts of the country in the last month has forced pupils of Ahwiam Basic School at Ningo in the Greater Accra region to bath sea water before making their way to school.

They use the salty water because the community’s only source of water, a pond, has dried up.

The use of sea water to bath is causing some skin irritation, Joy News' Kwetey Nartey observed when he visited the area.

The students are unable to pay attention in class due to the irritation. The struggles they go through in search of water before going to school every morning takes its toll on them as they look tired during classes.

A student was fast asleep in class and was snoring heavily when Joy News Kwetey Nartey visited the area Tuesday.

“We go through difficult things before coming to school, after bathing with the sea water we come back home and wash over with two sachets of water” one student told Kwetey.

Headmaster of the school, Solomon Gawunor Tetteh, said the situation is affecting enrolment in the school.

“We sometimes have to go around and beg students to come to school,” he indicated.

Some women and children are also forced to fetch dirty water from open pits created by some of the residents.

A teacher, Tsatsu Akroboto told Kwetey Nartey that some of the teachers either are forced to wash their feet and arms only or walk long miles in search of water and report late to school.

Cattle in the area sometimes graze around these open pits and defecate in and around them, making it unsafe for human consumption.

The residents have appealed to the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to supply them with potable water.