President for the National ‘Kayaye’ (Porter) Association, Adiza Isunah, has revealed that they are given a list of items to bring home for their husbands after migrating to the southern part of Ghana to work.

According to her, the list given to them by their husbands, include; motor cycles, iPhones and other items.

She said due to these requests and in order to save money to be able to purchase these items, they are unable to buy and eat proper food, which worries her a lot.

“One thing they have complained to me is that the list their husbands give them when they are coming here from the North, is too much.

“The men give them a long list telling them to buy them this and that. Some men even tell them to buy motorbikes and because of that, they don’t buy any proper food to eat,” she revealed.

On Dwaso Nsem, Hajiah Isunah further disclosed that some men from Northern Ghana fail even to take care of their wives when they get pregnant, causing their wives to come from the northern part of the country to engage in ‘Kayaye’ business while pregnant.

She, therefore, called on government to give some attention to the welfare of ‘Kayaye’ women as they are not treated fairly by their husbands in the Northern region.

“What pains me the most is that they don’t take care of their wives when they impregnate them, you will see a ‘Kayaye’ woman with one-month pregnancy, you will ask them to go back, by the time you realise she has given birth in a vehicle.”

“I will write a letter to the President, Chief of Staff, and the Parliament to help the ‘Kayaye’ women because they are suffering.”

However, Inuah Yusif, who is also a lawyer, said he disagrees with the allegation made by Adizah against northern men. According to him, whatever she said about them is a deception.

He contended that the ‘Kayaye’ women’s motive is to raise funds to buy a sewing machine.

He added that he has been speaking to them at different fora but has never heard about such a demand from their husbands.

“My heart is saddened after hearing this from Hajiah Adizah; I don’t know whether there is a different Northern Region elsewhere that she is talking about. We don’t know something like that.”

“She should not come and tarnish the image of Ghanaians, please; this issue of northern men asking their women to buy things for them is a complete fallacy,” he stated.

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