Deputy Head of the Political Desk, Joy Newsroom has stated that at no point did presenters from the Multimedia Group generate any results contrary to that declared by the Electoral Commission at various polling centres.

Winston Amoah said JoyNews’ keenly supervised election coverage ensured that journalists from the group tasked to cover the elections were charged only to report results declared by the EC officers from the pink sheet.

“Our responsibility was not to declare results; our responsibility was to tell listeners the results that had been declared by the Electoral Commission,” he said Sunday on ‘The Probe.’

This comes on the back of allegations that the media colluded with the Electoral Commission to project and announce fictitious results in favour of the New Patriotic Party in the 2020 December 7 elections.

The claim, however, has been dismissed by various media houses who insist that the election coverage was done in a transparent manner, and in accordance with results declared by the EC.

Winston Amoah, one of the presenters at the forefront of the election coverage stated that presenters liaised with correspondents in various regions to bring accurate figures to the public.

“We don’t just key them as they are presented. That’s why we had supervisors who were also supervised,” he revealed.

Winston’s comment was confirmed by Programs Manager for the Joy Cluster of the Multimedia Group, Edem Knight Tay, who was also on ‘The Probe.’

She added that “no presenter had direct access to election results”, adding that every election result received from the various constituencies was verified and keyed into an election monitoring software installed on 16 different computer stations in the situation room.

“When you come to the situation room, there are 16 computers over there mirroring all the 16 regions. Now we have folders on these computers that have all the constituencies in there.

“These folders are networked into the collation room and into another verification room before it finally goes on air,” she said.  

This, she said, ensured that the presenters had no access to the numbers until they were projected on the magic wall in the studio.

“The only time they had access to the results was when it was projected on the magic wall [in the studios],” she added.