Director of Corporate Affairs at the National Service Scheme (NSS), Armstrong Essah

The Director of Corporate Affairs at the National Service Scheme (NSS), Armstrong Esaah, says his outfit does not encourage re-posting of NSS personnel.

According to him, mass re-posting has the potential to affect the entire operating system of the NSS adding “our entire data would be broken down, if we do so.”

Speaking on The Probe on JoyNews on Sunday, Mr. Esaah said that “when postings are done, Management of the National Service Scheme does not encourage re-posting, and we are happy that when the new Executive Director came, he reinforced it and directed all Regional Directors to see to it that nobody, including head office workers, entertain reposting.”

But, there are some conditions under which a National Service person can apply for re-posting, he noted.

Mr. Esaah stated that a National Service person can apply for re-posting on health grounds, explaining that persons with disabilities are also considered under this condition.

“The Executive Director gave direct instructions to the Regional Directors that if anybody comes there with a special need (is a person with a disability) that person should be re-posted to wherever he or she wants.”

Another condition for re-posting, the NSS Director of Corporate Affairs said, is for women who are pregnant.

He stated that because NSS does not want to post pregnant women far from their place of residence, they have the permission to apply for re-posting.

Aside from these conditions, NSS believes that mass re-posting is not applicable under any other condition, Mr. Esaah said.

Meanwhile, addressing the concerns of NSS persons on the show, he reiterated the government’s efforts to ensure that the personnel are paid their January arrears by Wednesday, March 23.

He added that the allowance for February will follow shortly after that.

His comment follows the complaint of some NSS persons on social media about the delay in the disbursement of their monthly allowance.

In a series of tweets and comments monitored by JoyNews, the personnel said the delay in the payment of their allowance has made life difficult for them; especially in the wake of the recent economic hardship.

Mr. Esaah nonetheless, acknowledged the concerns of the NSS personnel adding that the Management and government are seeing to it that the complaints are resolved.

He, however, added that “the National Service Scheme owes the National Service personnel two months allowance, thus, January and February.”

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), Julius Kwame Anthony, said Mr. Esaah’s contention that personnel have been paid their December allowance “is not factual.”

“You can verify from several service personnel. They have not received their pay for December, January and February,” Julius stressed.