Road Construction Engineer, Abdulai Mahama has bemoaned the recurring rate of road accidents on the country’s roads.

According to him, some measures have to be introduced and enforced to reduce the disturbing recurrence of gory road accidents on our roads.

“So if the policy is not implemented, we need to have another Henry Quartey at the other ministry,” he said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Friday.

He suggested that the Roads and Highways Ministry be vigilant in enforcing the policies as the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, has done with ‘Make Accra Work’ initiative.

He said this policy should ensure that officials from the Ministry check the speed limiters of drivers of intercity busses, VIP, VVIP, STC, OA Transport, and 2N Express, to ensure that they are within the speed limit range.

He said this policy should be enforced at the terminals and toll booths.

“If all this is not done, I’m sorry. The individual cannot change overnight. However, the policy will significantly reduce the accidents if, from now to December, the Ministry of Transportation ensures that no bus will go on the highway without speed limiters. How difficult is this one?

“This policy is doable. For example, if I know my bus is not allowed to be used on the road, I would go and request for the speed limiter to ensure that I can now go within 80 km and I would not be getting the impact of those accidents whether the vehicles are stationary or not.”

Due to the unavailability of speed limiters in intercity buses and vehicles in the country, Mr Mahama said that drivers exhibit a lot of recklessness and careless attitudes on the road.

“I’m driving a 4×4 and a Land Cruiser, when I’m doing a 100 kmph even to do a test run, the VIPs, and the VVIPs, and the 2N Express, and the OA Express, they are the new salon cars.

“They’re the new vans which drive as if they’re to just about to fly with the speed of light. They (Intercity buses) overtake a 100 power Land Cruiser as if you are stationary.”

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