The Greater Accra NDC Chairman, Ade Coker has hinted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would not allow anybody to contest President John Mahama for the party’s presidential slot in 2016 because “the president is the best and the most experienced candidate to run on the party’s ticket.”

He said the party will maintain the president for another four-year term unopposed so he could achieve his constitutionally granted eight years as president.

“We in the NDC will not allow anybody to contest the president in 2016 and even if the party members disagrees I personally will oppose that and make sure the president goes unopposed” he stated.

Ade Coker expressed confidence that the NDC would win by a comfortable margin in 2016 only if President John Mahama is flag bearer.

He said the energy crisis that hit the country and the way the president took all the bashing and has managed to bring solution, has put him in a better position to retain the presidency in 2016, so there is no need allowing anybody to challenge him.

Ade Coker contended that under President Mahama, Ghana has made significant progress in the areas of education, health, agriculture and infrastructural development, adding that the utmost responsibility of any government is to provide the needed infrastructure and social interventions that would transform lives and that is exactly what the president is doing.

He said President Mahama is also humble and that appeals to members of the party to massively agree for him to continue with the good works.

“Among the potential Presidential Candidates in the party, President Mahama stands tall. He has served as MP, Minister of State, Vice President and currently a President. This is the type of leaders the party wants for victory in 2016,” he stressed.

Ade Coker stated that the methods the president used in winning the 2012 presidential elections, “which the New Patriotic Party (NPP) did not and will still not understand”, he will use that same method to win in 2016.