The attention of the management of Baby Jet Airline has been drawn to a statement making rounds on social media and elsewhere, claiming that, Baby Jet Airline has advertised over 1,000 job vacancies for recruitment. 

We wish to, first of all, state for the avoidance of doubt that, the management of Baby Jet Airline has NOT issued any such statement NOR has it authorized anybody to do same on its behalf. We therefore entreat the general public to treat the statement with all the contempt that it deserves. 

This move, can only be the orchestration of some unscrupulous individuals to DEFRAUD unsuspecting job-seekers and members of the general public. The public should therefore be wary of same and act accordingly because management of Baby Jet Airlines takes absolutely NO responsibility for any damages. 

Baby Jet Airline however takes serious view of the activities of these fraudsters to among other things, tarnish our enviable reputation and have accordingly reported the matter to the relevant law enforcement agencies. 

Thank you.

… Signed…

Management, Baby Jet Airlines


Baby Jet Airlines should commence commercial operations by the end of this year to drive competition in the aviation industry.

This is the indication from the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

The Director General of the GCAA, Simon Allotey explains that operators of Baby Jet Airlines are currently at the third stage which is expected to culminate in being provided with an Air Operator Certificate.

This means that the airline company has passed through the first and second stages involving the pre-application and the obtaining of an Air Carrier License.

The current stage involves the submission and evaluation of the necessary business operating documents by the regulator.



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