Prolific GH Entertainment, organisers of Western Gospel Awards have announced that the maiden edition of the Gospel Awards will come off on November 7, at the Word of Life Assemblies of God Church at Anaji in Takoradi.

Red carpet starts at 6 pm and the main event at 8pm. The awards ceremony will be hosted by celebrated media personality John Kay and youth empowerment activist Lady Reverend Princess Ada Ayoka, popularly known as Adalicious Ada.

The award aims to reward talents who are propagating the gospel of God through music in 24 categories.

“Through this event, we aspire to achieve the vision of building a massive social and spiritual movement and community for all people across the country and beyond for the Gospel using music, consequently producing personal conversions, communal cohesion, social justice, and cultural renewal in the Western, Western north region and the world to ultimately make a positive difference” the organisers revealed.

“The Western Gospel Awards is designed to recognize and appreciate Gospel/Christian music originating from the Western region and western region artistes. In the long run, we aspire to foster quality works from these artists through the awards system and event” they added.

Also, there will be performances from Apostle Wosonyewana Yeboah, Rev Charlie Sam, Pastor Joe Beecham, amongst others.

The maiden edition of the Western Gospel Awards will be aired live on selected radio stations in Western Region, social media platforms of Prolific GH Entertainment, as well as some selected TV stations in the Western Region.

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