Communities in two districts of Ashanti Region have benefitted from free health screening by the Westphalian Medical Centre at Oyoko.

Hundreds, predominantly, farmers in Sekyere East and Sekyere Kumawu Districts received attention from the medical team

Glaucoma and other eye infections, as well as, skin diseases and stroke due to hypertension formed majority of ailments.

“Their BPs weren’t being managed, some found the medications too expensive. For the men, the medications resulted in erectile dysfunction and so some stopped taking them. For the skin lesions, there were really bad ones. They didn’t know they need to seek treatment and some resorted to herbal preparation so the small wounds turned to ulcers. We had ten cases,” said Managing Director, Westphalian Project, Dr. Akosua Dentaa Owusu-Boampong.

Westphalian Medical Centre

Beneficiaries, including children, received free medication while those with severe conditions were referred for further treatment.

The Westphalian Medical Center is a subsidiary of the Westphalian Children’s Village, home to orphans and other vulnerable children.

The center which has been known for its eye care services is now offering general medical services to communities.

Dr. Akosua Dentaa Owusu-Boampong says the center will be organizing a quarterly outreach to ensure optimum health of the communities.

Westphalian Medical Centre

“The population of the Sekyere area, predominantly peasant farmers, has wide patches of poverty prone communities.

The outreach was thus aimed at raising awareness on seeking prompt medical care and breaking financial barriers to quality healthcare.

‘’It’s a social responsibility so we decided to show our love to the communities. They didn’t know we’re running general services and accepting national health insurance,” she said.